River of grievances

When I look down,
I see my grievance has delved me another river
This water filled groove,
streams into the world to spread my guilt and sorrow,
in any form of attack

The more tears are falling from my eyes,
the higher the water will come
Will the river overflow?
Will I stop feeling guilty, sad, afraid, angry?

I do not need my contaminated river of tears
I need miracles,
to take the place of teardrops
Sparks of light that become steady rays,
shining onto every one

I ám entitled to miracles!

I was inspired to write this poem by lesson 89: (77) I am entitled to miracles. [CE W-89.1:1].

The beautiful famous song "River" (see below) by Joni Mitchell also very much captures this river of grievances, grief, sadness, loneliness, heartbreak etc. The sentence in the song where she sings "I made my baby cry" always hits me so hard! This is what we do, isn't it? This is our world, as we so often see it. But....we áre entitled to miracles so we can transform all of this, and that I must admit is a big relief today!

Happy miracle day, spread the light!

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